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Hate working out? Ugh, me too! But it's no secret that there are fun and exciting ways to stay in shape — our contributor Rebecca Watts outlines people's top four favorites. So get your gear on and get ready to move, grind and get your booty back.

There’s a common misconception that exercise can’t be fun, but the truth is the reason a lot of people dread exercise is that they haven't found the right form of exercise that works best for them and excites them the most. And to help you to do that, I've outlined four interesting and exciting ways to exercise.


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Whether you’re a fan of street dance or love ballet, dancing is a great form of exercise. It is incredibly good for your body because it incorporates a range of movements, which means that it allows you to work every muscle. Well, almost every muscle. Whether it’s Zumba or ballet, it can increase your fitness level, improve your strength, and help to make you more flexible. Best of all, dancing can be a lot of fun. Try Salsa or any ballroom dance, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself and have fun.



It’s no secret that cycling is a great way to stay in shape. A lot of people think that cycling is a boring activity because all you’re doing is riding from one place to another. However, what it’s important to understand is that the roads aren’t the only place that you can cycle. A lot of cyclists opt to go cross country, off-road bike riding. This can be a lot of fun and offers an incredible workout. Obviously, if you’re going to try cross country bike riding you will need a hybrid bike and adequate bicycle insurance, just in case anything should go wrong.


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Golf may not seem like a good way to workout but, believe it or not, it is. When you play a round of golf, you walk on average a couple of miles, sometimes more. Then there’s all that swinging and twisting that you do, this not only helps to burn calories but also improves strength and flexibility. As well as being good for your heart, weight, and muscles, golf can also be a lot of fun to play. Obviously, it depends on who you are playing with, but if you’re playing with people that you get on well with, golf can be incredibly enjoyable.



Whether you’ve rollerbladed before or are a rollerblading newbie, it can be a great activity to do to stay in shape. Although it can be hard at first, rollerblading can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. The great thing about rollerblading is that it’s a low impact exercise but offers similar health benefits to jogging. It’s a great form of cardio as it gets the heart beating nice and fast - in an hour you can burn a whopping 900 calories just from rollerblading. It’s also great for building muscular strength and improving flexibility.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. The important thing is to go about it in the right way, and you can make working out fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

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