JUST A QUICKIE — If you're following me on Snapchat (which I highly doubt because I almost never use it), you would know I am on an itsy-bitsy styling stint — along with eleven other fashionistas in the country — for W Hotel Doha's upcoming SnapWalk featuring one of Qatar's top luxury boutiques Per Lei Couture.

(And SnapWalk, basically, is a new kind of fashion show, which can be thoroughly and conveniently viewed through Snapchat and Instagram Stories — thank god for social media, especially Miranda Kerr's fiancé for SC.)

Make sure to tune in on W Doha's channels (gingerly typed below for your convenience) this Saturday, 8th of October to watch the whole fashion show. And DO. NOT. FORGET. to SCREENSHOT your favorite look on SC and/or LEAVE A COMMENT on it on Instagram. Who knows, you might be screenshot-ing and/or commenting on the one I styled! But before we immerse you in so much chicness, here's a little teaser and a peek at what happened behind the scenes.

SNAPCHAT: w.doha

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