Creating unforgettable moments. In collaboration with Sacoor Brothers.


AND THERE WE ARE: standing side by side baltering away to the playlist we curated with pop classics and new wave rhythm-‘n-blues. While I will never grasp her fondness for Lorde and Ellie Goulding, she sneers at my fancy for ‘90s pop-rap (she called Mariah’s classics "Chrismas-sy" and grimaced at ’03 Bonnie and Clyde the first time she heard it). We would sit in a new café and argue over whether it’s minimalist or modernist (it could be neither). She’d take the salad, I’d take the soup. I don’t understand how she never takes a distrust-at-first-sight to people and she never gets my bullheadedness. We exist at opposite poles we'll put Jackie vs Marilyn to shame. I glance at her and wonder how such a paradoxical friendship can be so logical.
Against all odds, I call this girl my best friend. She sways clumsily, laughs airily but never behaves incautiously — in contrast to my usual thoughtless transparency. Her carefully placed sarcasm every so often puts me off, but her impassive front keeps my ball-of-emotional-chaos self grounded. She lives in her head; more often than not, she gives vision to my gab. In her, I found my other self, an alter ego.

Birds of a feather do not always flock together; sometimes it's when heads and tails meet end to end that a whole comes into picture. After all, opposites are what make the world go round.

A brainchild of four brothers, Portugal-based Sacoor Brothers identifies itself as a lifestyle label offering trendsetting fashion lines for men, women and kids along with innovative services and bespoke sartorial solutions. Since its first boutique in 1990, the 25-year-old label now has over 80 stores in eight countries around the globe — the United Kingdom, Belgium, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Singapore.

The brand has become a favorite with celebrities and has dressed well-known personalities from the world of fashion, sports, cinema and television, such as Hollywood actors Rob Lowe, William Baldwin, Patrick Dempsey, Irina Shayk and most recently Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

The flagship store in Qatar is located in Ezdan Mall and more boutiques will be opening its doors soon in Mall of Qatar and Festival City.
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This season, Sacoor Brothers are all about cherishing life's special moments, dubbing their worldwide campaign Unforgettable Moments. Step into one of their New York penthouse-inspired concept stores and experience this sparkling mood.

"...their key objective for this collection is to celebrate life’s unforgettable moments and to enjoy the little details that truly matter."

The brand's collection for Spring/Summer '16 isn't one to disappoint. Focusing on a cool, fresh mood, the range features relaxed looks, clean cuts, tropical prints and skillfully composed vibrant hues and cheerful pastels.

MY TAKE: a relaxed-fiiting white chiffon paired with a pair of structured navy shorts, creating a highly versatile look.

FEATURING  Sacoor Brothers, available at Sacoor Brothers Boutiques
Photography by Jazzi Photography  •  Creative Direction, Styling and Modeling by Kim & Bianca Castro
Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha 


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