It was last week when our news feeds got flooded with Met Gala updates (solicited and mostly not) and when the Internet lost it over Carrie Mathison's light-up Cinderella-esque Zac Posen gown and Kanye West's amusingly eerie blue eyes. This year's theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and so, as they were expected to, the attendees dressed like the exhibition, i.e. like an army of robots on the red carpet. And before I lose myself to diving into blabbering on who wore what, I'll just get to straight to my point: this year's Met exhibition was inspiring and though it delves into the interplay between fashion and technology, it neglected to cover wearable technology, the innovations taking place at the intersection, and the implications of the fusion to the masses.

In this age of technological advancement and digital revolution, designers and innovators are all-in to blurring the lines between fashion, art, and technology—I compiled a few of my favorites that I managed to unearth from the web.

Launched in 2012 in Calgary, MakeFashion—an initiative that introduces desginers, engineers, and makers to cutting-edge new technologies—has one major mission: to fuse high-technology and high-fashion on the runway.
Imagine a world  where your clothes  regulate your body  temperature, monitor your vital signs and your necklace begins to glow when the sun goes down.
Images are courtesy of Make Fashion
Make Fashion hosts an annual fashion week and gala in Calgary where they showcase awe-inspiring responsive runway dresses to functional scientific wearables. More information their team and work can be found here

I also want to use this opportunity to research how to push the boundaries of what os technically possible within a mass footwear production environment in China
Images are courtesy of Chengxu Tian
More information about the designer and his work at

Zaid Farouki Spring Collection 2016
Images are courtesy of Zaid Farouki
Discover more about the Zaid and his debut collection at

Green blush, green lip gloss, green lipstick

shop the collection

Luxury outdoor tents, villas
Images are courtesy of Lushna
Take a look at everything of what Lushna has to offer here

Images are courtesy of Beo Beyond
Beo Beyond is currently based in Barcelona and his works are exhibited internationally. More information about the artist and his art at

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