Collaboration with GARAGE Clothing Pt. 2

"She was the perfect muse, in all the awry reasons."

She was young and reckless, she saw the world through a rose-tinted glass. She walks in beauty and mystery, like the night. She moved with grace and breathed in flame, naive and treacherous. She was no saint, but she never told one lie. She danced to Zeppelin and belted out Madonna in a drunken trance. You'd find her where there was a scene, you'd find her in some fleeting dream. She'd move into your head in dark stumble red. Her love runs too deep she knew it cut. But all she wanted was the world, for her moon and his to collide. She was the perfect muse, in all the awry reasons.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet: here I bring you the second half of my participation to GARAGE's #BloggerOfTheYear competition with a little fictional narrative and a totally wearable getup. 

Poncho, halter top, pants,
choker and necklace by Garage;
Eye wear by Mango;
Shoes by Pull 'n Bear


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