Relishing life's littlest luxuries. In collaboration with GARAGE Clothing.

"...sometimes living life can feel pointless and the only way to keep yourself sane is just to savor the itsy-bitsy pleasures and fleeting moments that life concedes every once in a while."

I turned twenty-four last week and if I'm being my usual self I'd cry, "I can't believe I'm already 24!!!" (I honestly really can't) and "Where has the time gone?" — no, really, where has the time gone actually? If there is something my two dozen years have taught me, it's that sometimes living life can feel pointless and the only way to keep yourself sane is just to savor the itsy-bitsy pleasures and fleeting moments that life concedes every once in a while.

Whether it's devouring a gallon of Baskin-Robbins while listening to your Beyoncé power playlist or the warmth of fuzzy socks on your feet, if you live in the moment, you can find great glee in unexpected places. Here's a handful of my favorite little luxuries.

When my jam comes on.

And I dance like no one's watching and then I get too carried away and start lip-syncing with pure emotions and conviction — or if I'm lucky, I belt it out like a total pro.

CURRENT JAMS: One Dance and Too Good by Drake, Famous by Kanye, Greedy by Ariana Grande

The bonus part: When I rap along to a hip-hop song and nail every word flawlessly. I high-five myself EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

MY FAVE RAP-ALONG SONGS: Get Like Me by Nelly feat. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj, Upgrade U and Partition by Beyoncé 

Spontaneous dates with my bestest babe.

Long walks. Retail therapy. Laughfest over coffee. And oh, burger dates. We love big, juicy, cheesy burgers. And don't forget the milkshake. Speaking of...

Chocolate milkshake on a hot summer's day.

Even on a rainy day. Any day, actually. As long as it's made with several hearty scoops of ice cream and mousse—screw the Shakira abs diet—I'm taking it.

I could teach you how to make a perfect milkshake, but I'd have to charge. HAHAHA ha ha ha... sorry.

When someone says I look beautiful today. 

"Beautiful" is a beautiful word to compliment someone with. It gets me every time. Thank you for appreciating my effort in looking presentable to the public eye today, god bless your soul.


Mindless road trips.

Let's run away from all the world's strains and nonsense and take me to a senseless, mindless road trip to nowhere. YES, PLEASE.

A sandwich overflowing with mayo.

Eggs, ham, tuna, anything with abusive amounts of mayonnaise. Great, now I'm hungry.

Girls' night ins.

Sure, parties are fun, but nothing feels better than spending the night with my best girlfriends, dancing to and singing along to nostalgic songs, eating Doritos and ice cream, just talking and figuring our lives out with each other. *queue Nelly, Avril Lavigne and Fray songs*

Coming home to a happy wagging tail.

Just when I thought nobody loves me and I come to a snuggly little beast that's almost convulsing out of happiness that I'm finally home. My furry bestie is the best stress reliever.

The smell of new books.

That pleasant, musty, inky, papery aroma of books fresh outta bookstore. The scent is so addictive, a company even captured the smell of books in a can.

Some alone time — doing nothing, staring at nothing.

Because why not.

A nice, hot shower after a long, tiring day.

Just standing there with an empty mind while the warm stream of water hits my dehydrated skin is a pleasure itself; throw in cute heaven-smelling moisturizing bath stuff and fresh, clean sheets post-shower — now that's pure bliss.

Wearing a hot outfit and strut the street like a bada$s girl boss.

I CAME TO SLAY TODAY PEOPLE. *Naomi Campbell walk*

AND SO.  I actually worked the avenues at The Pearl in this killin' boho outfit from GARAGE Clothing*hair flip*

This blog post was made with blood, sweat, pure love and a sprinkle of glitter as part of my entry for GARAGE's #BloggerOfTheYear competition! I am participating along with nine other amazing bloggers from around the Middle East—aaahhh, total smug moment! This is the second time that I partnered up with GARAGE and as a blogger, it's always fantastic to work with a brand that resonates the personality of my own brand as well as supports causes I believe in and promotes a vibrant lifestyle to today's generation of youth. Wish me luck! I'll keep this space posted!

Poncho, bralette, gaucho pants,
choker and floppy hat by Garage;
Eye wear by Mango;
Boots by Ipekyol

Qanat Quartier, The Pearl
Doha, Qatar


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