And before March finally ends, here are the four things that I've been overusing throughout the whole month - three beauty products and a Demi Lovato song.

Let's start with my current favorite lippie: Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Blooming Apricot. My mom got me this two years ago but I never have used it [properly] until I discovered how pretty its shade is! It's a bright cheerful apricot with soft gold glitters. It's currently my go-to lipstick. And don't you just love the elegant packaging? I believe Givenchy has already stopped its production, unfortunately.

The hotter days are here. While it means more freedom in clothing, it also means superbly active sebaceous glands for people who have oily skin like me. But thankfully, Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation solves the problem. It has a nice medium coverage and a silky finish. It lasts long on the skin - not as long as 16 hours, like it promises - but it manages to tame my oily skin down for a couple of hours. And most of the time I don't need a concealer when I use this - it just covers every minor blemish up. The only problem is it's not really friendly with dry skin and I get a combination of dryness and oiliness sometimes, so whenever I'm using it I make sure I've put an ample amount of moisturizer on my face first. This + translucent powder = problem solved.

Speaking of more freedom in clothing, I've been able to wear more [conservative, below the knee] skirts lately and I could never tolerate to bare dry calves. Victoria's Secret's Beauty Rush body mist just does the trick - keeping my legs hydrated, soft, smooth, shiny and yes, good-smelling. I got it in 'Candy, Baby' and it smells like cotton candy. So if you see me wearing a skirt that means my legs smell like cotton candy at that very moment.

I know, I know. It's Demi Lovato on my playlist again. And you're witnessing only a small part of my teenybopper side. Demi's songs may be a little too "pop" and "mainstream" but hey, they aren't that bad. In fact, some of them are pretty addictive to the ears. Currently, it's Made in the USA that's on repeat.

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  1. I would love to try the Givenchy rouge. It looks fancy.