It's our day, ladies. Happy International Women's Day! In celebration of this event, I interviewed three beautiful style bloggers from different sides of the world - but even these inspiring women have another inspiring woman to look up to. So I asked them: 

Which woman has most inspired you and why?

Read their captivating answers and be inspired yourself.

Nancie Mwai of Fashion Notebook is a top fashion blogger in Africa. Her blog and her endeavor to "inspire young and creative individuals" is recognized worldwide. She's currently busy doing one of the most important roles of a woman: to bring another being into this world. She's 35 weeks pregnant with her first child and even with her almost-due baby bump, she looks extremely amazing (and very happy!). She's going to be one stylish momma for sure. And oh, Ms. Mwai, I'm a fan!

If you're a street style aficionado and you keep visiting, perhaps you have already seen her a lot. Elle-May Leckenby of Stylishells is a 20-year-old blogger from Australia. There are a million reasons why women (and people in general) would admire her; but if there are two ultimate reasons these would be her jovial personality and her beautiful outlook. I bookmarked her blog and I feel lighthearted every time I browse it - she's always lively and happy (and fashionable). And she's a lover of life, as she said: "Everything I post is an expression of gratitude to my maker, my blog is a celebration of life."

Women should never put up with the absurd standards of society. Chérie S. of The Tall n Short proves that a woman could be as fabulous and successful as possible without trying to look like "a classic model." She also owns an online store of the same name as her blog. The girl has gone places. If you haven't seen her blog yet, well baby, you should witness how beautiful and fun this girl is!

How about you, which woman has inspired and influenced you the most?


  1. I love this! Thank you for this feature.xx

  2. Very inspiring womens day post..

  3. Love this! Hooray for strong and inspiring women everywhere :)
    xx, TT