5th of March 2014. Cuplé Qatar brought out the country's fashionistas and gathered them for a little fashion soirée at Cuplé store in Landmark Mall Doha, their first branch here in Qatar (and the first ever in the Middle East).

Before I immerse you in oodles of Cuplé goodness, I thought I should briefly introduce the brand first - for those who haven't yet heard of Cuplé, it's a thriving Spanish label commenced in 1987 in the beautiful Alicante, Spain. It specializes in leather goods such as shoes, bags and purses and also manufactures clothing and fashion accessories. It has 86 stores in Spain and only 8 international branches - and luckily for us here in Qatar, Cuplé's exquisite, unique pieces are now within our reach.

And I'm just so lucky to have the chance to closely explore their absolutely enticing collection and even luckier to meet one of their brilliant designers face-to-face - and 10x luckier to be part of this wonderful event!

Cute (and delish) little Cuplé cupcakes
Aside from the glamorous people inside the boutique, these pretty little Cuplé cupcakes were what welcomed me.

My outfit of the night
Photo on the right courtesy of Carla Mallari of Nomad*
I kept getting compliments on this skirt! Everyone has been asking where I got it. Well, it's from an online boutique called Choies. I'll have to make a separate OOTD blog entry for this one though.

Us - listening intently and snapping shots
Cuplé designer, Teresa Sanchez and Cuplé Qatar brand manager, Elsa Dionisio
Here's Elsa Dionisio (on the right), Cuplé Qatar's brand manager and the brilliant organizer of the event, introducing one of Cuplé's very own designers, Teresa Sanchez (left), who flew all the way from Barcelona, Spain to join us and give us a good overview of what Cuplé is all about and its new collection. These two were such darlings. And they both look stunning, yes? ;)

Elisabete Reis, Fashion Consultant and founder of Glam Your Image, giving us some tips on mixing and matching clothes
Image Consultant, Expert Stylist and founder of Glam Your Image, Elisabete Reis gave us a little talk about fashion - how to dress right for your body shape and flattering your assets with the right clothing - with demonstration using Cuplé fab pieces, of course. She was amazing. She's definitely one of the poshest (and sweetest) people I've ever met.

Elisabete Reis of Glam Your Image giving fashion advice for tall, rectangular-framed women
Elisabete now talks about fashion for petite women
And finally, Elisabete tackles what works best for curvy women
All of us Qatar's bloggers + Teresa and Elsa • Photo courtesy of Ren Wlasiuk
I also got to meet all of these beautiful and fashionable ladies! I was super stoked to finally meet my fellow Doha-based fashion bloggers. It was such a shame I didn't get the chance to properly chat with all of them. Apparently, 2 hours wasn't enough.

And yes, I was the tiniest of the group. I probably should wear bigger heels next time. LOL. And I also probably should learn how to smile for photos properly.

Group photo :) • Photo courtesy of Ren Wlasiuk
Debrina of GLAM Qatar, Carla of Nomad*, Karen of Clumsy Chic and me, of course
Photo courtesy of Alan Desiderio of Harayer Magazine
Tima of Tima Fashion World, Tima's BFF Nourhen, me, and Chiara of Bonjour Chiara
With these lovely girls, Elsa and Teresa
My head-to-toe Cuplé look
Cuplé Qatar also hosted a contest for us, bloggers. We were asked to style a head-to-toe Cuplé look. We had the choice to either glam ourselves up or dress up a model. They took a photo of our Cuplé looks and posted it on Al Mana Fashion Group's Facebook page. The photo that gets the most votes wins.

Here's the Cuplé look I styled. Can you see the Victoria Beckham inspiration right there? ;) I swear, that dress I wore was dreamy - the fit was so beautiful and it was insanely comfortable. So were the shoes, I totes fell in love with those shoes. The little beige bag and the dramatic bib necklace were the perfect finishing touch.

And guess what...

I won. I FREAKING WON THE COMPETITION!!! I can't intensify it enough to give justice to my elation.  I promise to post photos of the prize soon when I get spare time in my hands. Anyhow, a big wet sloppy thank you to all of you who supported me and voted for my photo entry. Truly, I'm blessed with supporters and readers like you all. ♥

You can still view all of the bloggers' Cuplé looks here and please don't forget to 'like' Al Mana Fashion Group's page here.

As for now, I'll leave you with a delicious glance at Cuplé's marvelous collection.

Thank you so much, Cuplé Qatar, for having us! It was so nice to spend such a lovely night with you.

You can visit Cuplé at Landmark Mall, Doha. You can also check them out online at cuple.com.


  1. ohh...i know alan desiderio :) small world indeed :)

  2. You are a star and absolutely lovely! And I did love your skirt <3
    Best of luck darling.

  3. i adore the post sweety hope to see you soon and absolutely in love with you skirt <3 keep it up