Aside from gummy candies, here are my top four obsessions this month: my uber favorite scent of all time, pink sparkly stuff for my lips, an elegant wire art and Queen Bey's scorching hot new album.

Moschino Funny! is not only my all-time favorite scent, it is my grab-and-go scent. It smells very light, very clean and fresh (the flowery-fruity kind of fresh). A lot of people describe it as a fun, youthful and playful scent and I totally agree! And while it appears to be meant for the hotter days, I wear it whatever the season is. It's just a really "pretty" scent I can't get enough of.

I am obsessed with this sleek little tube. I honestly don't care about how much it costs because the happiness I get from it is priceless. Okay, I'm totally exaggerating. But this lip gloss is GORGEOUS - it's magenta with blue-violet sparkly pearls. I wear it over pink or nude lipstick but it looks utterly fabulous over (hot or baby) pink lip stain. This is M.A.C. Dazzleglass Funtabulous, by the way. 

I got this pewter necklace a few years ago when I wasn't a full-blown style blogger yet. I reviewed this on my fashion Tumblog, The Fashion Insider, if you want to know more about its amazing designer Tracy Brigham and her other designs. It looks simple and understated but it really gives a look an elegant feel.

I'm aware that Beyonce's new eponymous album is mostly about barney-mugging and I still love it. Because Queen Bey can talk about graining on that wood and her skittles if she wants to. This is definitely her sexiest album yet. And oh, will someone please enlighten me what "SURFBOART" does mean?


  1. I have that shade too! The Mac lipgloss :) Twinsies!

    1. I bet you're also obsessed with it. It's too gorgeous not to be obsessed with! :) xx