December 17, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

But a tiny nostalgic moment in organza won't hurt.

December 13, 2014

Q&A with Jewellery Designer Nouf Al-Meer

The Qatari jewellery designer celebrates womanhood, the dramatic fusion of east and west, splendor of everyday life, and luxury as "pure simplicity" in an avant-garde collection of gemstone bijoux.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; in her case, a visionary that she is, she sees beauty and ingenuity in the quotidian - the little things, the day-to-day life. Nouf Nasser Al-Meer, entrepreneur, artist and founder of the jewellery label, Nouf Jewellery, has been making news here and there lately, what with the success of her eponymous label's debut last month. 

Holding thirty stunning, avant-garde pieces from its different collections, the designer Qatari label was inaugurated in a glamorous event at one of Doha's upscale department stores, Fifty One East, in Lagoona Mall. "It’s a great pleasure to start from Fifty One East, one of the leading retail chains in Qatar that has emerged as an ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts in the region," says Nouf. 

In this little interview, Nouf talks about her work, her inspirations and her future plans with Nouf Jewellery.

December 10, 2014

Beauty Ideas for the Festive Season Inspired by the SS15 Runways

'Tis the season to get all glammed up! Sparkle and shine at parties this holiday season with these catwalk-inspired hair and makeup looks.

With all the parties and special occasions, the holiday season is always the perfect time to ditch your everyday makeup routine and experiment with new, exciting looks. In this post, I compiled ten hair and makeup looks fresh from the Spring/Summer 2015 runways, which I hope will inspire your holiday-ready beauty look.

December 7, 2014

Marsala: The Color of 2015

In a just few days, 2014 will be over (it still doesn't hit me though, but I guess it's about time to face the fact). And like clockwork, when the new year approaches, comes a new It color. The color experts at Pantone have just revealed the color of the year for 2015 - let's hear it for Marsala, a wine-inspired deep, reddish brown that is predicted to be ubiquitous for the year ahead. It pains me to say this, but it's time to kiss this year's Radiant Orchid goodbye. 

December 4, 2014

6 Stylish Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy

Doha has started giving us dim skies and drizzles, and while most people in this city are rejoicing like they haven't experienced precipitation before (I used to feel the same though), my frail self went under the weather, and well, caught a flu. Even though I've already very well recovered from being ill and all, I still wish I could spend my entire day - every single day - in this bed weather - snuggled up in fluffy sleepwear and fuzzy socks. But alas, there are these inevitable days when it's mandatory to go out and spend the day interacting with people like a normal, functional person. And I cannot just go out wearing fluffy sleepwear, or can I? Anyway, the point is to remain cocooned up in coziness while looking stylish - or presentable enough to the public, at the very least. 

So here's a very quick, almost lazy post dedicated to more chilly, bed-weather, I-wish-I-could-just-snuggle-up-in-bed-days ahead. Here are six ideas to stay warm, cozy and stylish - fresh off the Fall/Winter 2014 runways.